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Our K-Bec brand fertilizers boast a low-chloride source of potassium, sulphur, and magnesium in forms best suited for crops in Eastern North America.

From Apples to Zucchini we’ve got you covered from A-Z. We offer balanced nutrients to maximize yield, quality, and economic value. From our home in rural Quebec, we can get our fertilizers to North America’s eastern growers quickly and efficiently – a first for this region of the world to supply SOP and SOPM.



K-Bec brand potassium sulphate is available in granular and soluble form. With 52% K2O and 18% sulphur our SOP is ideal for blending, direct application and with its low pH, it is best suited for fertigation. SOP’s low chloride and reliable nutrient balance helps enhance crop yield, quality, and resistance to drought, disease and damage during handling and storage.

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Boasting 3 important nutrients; potassium, sulphur, and magnesium our K-Bec brand potassium magnesium sulphate is ideal for low-chloride applications for fruit and vegetable crops. Providing a 22% K2O, 11% MgO, and 22%S balance of key nutrients in standard or granular form, our SOPM is well-suited for a variety of row crops.

Specification SheetSDS sheet

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