David Lemieux

Mr. Lemieux is a chemical engineer graduated from University of Sherbrooke with and has accumulated more than 17 many years of experience in industrial process development. He has worked in the energy sector for a number of years and then served as director of engineering for a research center specialized in biofuels. During that period, he also founded Innoltek, a privately owned company who has become one of the few major player in the biodiesel industry and bio-lubricants in Quebec. Since 2009, he is involved with Dundee Sustainable Technologies (DST) where he act as the Executive Vice-President of the corporation. As such, he oversees the research and development initiatives of the DST which is including commercializing its proprietary technologies for the mining sector. His experience includes process development and commercialisation, financing and supervision of multidisciplinary team of professionals. He participated closely in the development of the DST’s technologies at laboratory, pilot plant and industrial level. He is also co-inventor of several patents and publications.

Dr. Jean-Marc Lalancette
Vice-President R&D

Dr. Lalancette holds a Ph.D. (Chemistry) from Université of Montréal (1960). He is a professor Emeritus of the Université de Sherbrooke and the author of more than 140 patents related to mineral chemistry and problem solving in environmental science. His contributions have been acknowledged by several awards, including the Manning Award in 1985 for the development of a safer form of asbestos. Dr. Lalancette, co-founder of the DST, was a director and Vice-President, Development of the Corporation until his retirement in February 2015. He is now Chairman Emeritus of DST. He is also the co-founder of KSM inc.